The “M” Technique® is a registered method of gentle structured touch, suitable for the very fragile, for stressed individuals and for those approaching the end of life. It consists of a series of stroking movements performed in a set pattern, in a set sequence, at a set pressure. Because it is gentle, it can be used where conventional massage is not appropriate. Because it is repetitive, it can soothe and relax. Research has shown that the effect of the “M” Technique on the brain is more like meditation than massage and it also has a deeper and cumulative effect on the ability to relax. Full body or partial “M” Technique treatments are available. Because it is simple, it can also be learned quickly and by anyone wanting to soothe someone through gentle touch.

Quantum Touch®: is a type of hands-on energy therapy using a light touch, along with simple breathing and body awareness techniques. These techniques allow the practitioner to powerfully focus on the client and amplify their own vibrational energy field and use that field to surround the area to be treated. Through a process of entrainment the client naturally matches the vibration of the practitioner, allowing his/her body intelligence to resonate in a proper vibrational mode and throw off the dis-ease.

To receive a treatment, clients remain fully clothed and can choose to remain seated or to lie down comfortably. It is an interactive treatment as the practitioner places his/her hands on the area to be treated initially and works with intuition and guidance from the client. Most people experience Quantum Touch as being relaxing; stress and tension are relieved and pain often disappears after a short period of time.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is an extremely effective form of therapeutic foot massage which works on the principal that areas on the feet correspond to glands, organs and bodily systems. A reflexology foot map divides the feet into 10 longitudinal energy zones, 5 on each foot. It is further divided into horizontal sections in order to locate specific regions of the body.

Reflexology works on the 3 negative factors that cause disease – inflammation, congestion and tension. By applying pressure and using specialised massage techniques, sensory receptors in the nerves of the feet are stimulated. Stimulation of the nerve endings produces energy which is distributed to the nervous system, this improves circulation and helps to release endorphins (the body's natural pain killer and stress reliever). Reflexology eases aches and pains, soothes and calms the whole body and helps with better functioning of bodily systems.

Benefits of reflexology:

· Promotes deep relaxation

· Releases tension

· Pain relief

· Improves sleep

Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy which combines ancient medical healing traditions with modern understanding of neuro anatomy.

Just as foot reflexology works on the basis that the whole body is mirrored in the feet, facial reflexology uses charts that show the correspondence of specific points and zones on the face to different parts of the body. When stimulating these points and zones using gentle pressure and stroking techniques, facial reflexology releases tension from facial muscles and the corresponding body zone.

Benefits of facial reflexology:

• Promotes deep relaxation

• Releases tension

• Improves sleep

• Stimulates facial nerves, muscles and tissue

• Improves skin and muscle tone

• Improves mood

• Restores balance and harmony to the body

• Increases wellbeing



A hands-on healing method using the energy which surrounds each of us to bring improved well-being and balance. It promotes healing and harmonises the person receiving treatment emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki works in a complementary way with conventional medicine and helps to relieve stress, fatigue and pain.

What is Reiki?

Reiki, (pronounced Ray - key) means Universal Life Energy, and is an energy therapy based on ancient healing methods used by Buddhist monks. It has been revived in the late 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan and brought to Western Culture in the 20th century. It is neither a religion nor a belief system, but a means of allowing energy to enter a person for their well being. It promotes deep relaxation, releasing stress and tension and allowing the body to heal itself and the mind to open to the causes of disease and discomfort and so make positive changesto life.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

A full treatment usually lasts between one and one and half hours. The recipient either lies on a couch or sits comfortably in a chair whilst the practitioner places their hands on positions covering the body allowing the Reiki to flow to wherever it is needed.

There is no need to remove clothing and it is not even necessary to touch a person. This means that areas such as burns or injuries can be safely treated without causing stress.

What will I feel during a Reiki treatment?

Most people find the treatment extremely calming and relaxing. Often a lot of heat can be felt coming from the practitioner's hands - sometimes cold may be felt. Acute conditions can be helped quite quickly whereas chronic conditions may take longer. Reiki can give relief and bring an inner calm to people, helping them to cope with their problems. It is a very energising form of therapy.

The practitioner does not direct the energy, the Reiki will flow to wherever it is most needed, helping the mental as well as the physical and spiritual aspects of our beings. Memories may be released as well as emotions, enabling new insights into ourselves and situations.

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