Emotional Freedom Technique teaches us to deal with emotional blocks in our energetic body. Energy points are stimulated by tapping over meridians in a systematic process using the fingertips. The client works with the practitioner to identify the blockages, which are experienced as negative feelings or emotions such as stress, anger fear, guilt. Through a series of tapping movements, energy body stress is released, enabling the client to become calmer and start to enjoy the good feeling that comes about naturally. The increased flow of energy gives the client confidence to do what he/she wants to do and be more in control of life. EFT sessions last one hour and reviews are scheduled to ascertain and maintain progress.

Homeopathy is offered at the Cancer Support Centre and can treat patients on mental, emotional and physical levels. Homeopathy can help patients who are not or not yet on conventional treatment. It can be very useful in raising the immunity of patients who are ill or who feel drained by illness and treatment.
Before surgery or any treatment process, the remedies can help prepare your body for treatment and aid in recovery after. For those not on treatment or where treatment is complete, homeopathy can help with restoring health, balance and quickly treat and raise your immunity against everyday illnesses, infections and chronic problems that emerge periodically.


Hypnosis is a highly relaxed and peaceful state (almost a daydream state) where positive suggestions can be placed directly into the sub-conscious mind for your benefit. In this state you are in complete control and can choose to stay in this state or bring yourself to being full aware at any time.



 Indian Head Massage

This total approach to relaxation includes massage to the scalp, neck, shoulders, and upper arms whilst sitting upright in a chair and can be performed with or without the use of oil. Benefits of this treatment are many and varied. They include: the reduction of stress; the relief of muscular tension and stiffness; the relief of headaches and stimulation to the hair and scalp.

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