Releasing the Power to Heal by Mavis Cunningham

Do you wish to live a healthy and fulfilling life?

Although the holistic healing described in this book relates to those affected by cancer, the messages in its pages are valid for everybody. The book provides you with information and inspiration to lead you towards living in a healthy and more fulfilling way. It demonstrates how even those who are very sick can achieve health and happiness or at the very least a better quality of life. The secret to holistic healing is that it includes healing of the body, the mind and the spirit.

If you have been affected by a cancer or any other serious illness, this book is for you and all those who care for you, whether the professionals or your own family. You can learn what you need to know about complementary therapies and living healthily and be inspired by the remarkable stories of those who have recovered from cancer, sometimes against all odds.

Many of the therapeutic activities suggested in the book are available to most people at very little or no cost:

•Relaxation exercises
•Art classes
•Reading groups
•Self-awareness and Self-development courses

You can follow the relaxation and meditation exercises provided in the book and utilise the guidelines for eating healthily and avoiding pollution in your life.

The complementary therapies and activities as described in this book are not alternatives to medical treatment; they complement it.



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