Hello I am one of the six Client Advocates who work at our Centre.
When you come to our Centre for your assessment it will be with one of us. We are all experienced in working with people with cancer, and some of the C.A's have experienced a cancer diagnosis themselves.
At your assessment we will sit down in an informal and comfortable setting and you can tell me what your situation is, whether you have experienced a cancer diagnosis yourself or whether your are a relative, carer or friend of someone with cancer. I will listen to whatever you would like to share with me in complete confidence, and I will explain to you what the Centre can offer you in terms of help and support. After that I will answer any questions you may have and we will fill out a couple of forms. Then we work out together how we can best assist you.
After your free treatments we will meet up again for a review appointment. At this appointment you can tell me how you have been getting along, how you have found your experience of the Centre and the support and therapies we offer, and together we can decide how you would like to use up your remaining appointments and if there are any other ways in which we can help and support you.
I am always happy to meet up with you for a chat if you have any queries or concerns. Just ring the office and they will pass on a message to me.
All of the Client Advocates feel privileged to be able to support and assist you during your time at our Centre.

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