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The Cancer Support Centre's philosophy has always been the promotion of healing and health and the subsequent maintenance of health and wellbeing. Our philosophy is that a holistic approach, which means working with body, mind and spirit, and considering the effects of the environment, will have the maximum effect in achieving and maintaining health and wellbeing. We acknowledge that the optimum level of health and wellbeing will vary amongst individuals depending on each person's life experiences and current health status but that each one can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing than they currently have.

The Centre offers a wide variety of complementary therapies and therapeutic groups to assist in promotion and maintenance of health and wellbeing, but also believes that it is important that the individual adopts an interest in developing their own self-care activities. To this end we provide a number of talks and educational courses during the year. When our clients have achieved their desired level of health and wellbeing, the wellbeing programme, which offers the opportunity to maintain that level through a monthly therapy and utilisation of therapeutic groups and courses, can be accessed.

The facilities at the Centre are available to those affected by cancer either directly or as a carer or close family member, but anyone can use the information on the website to develop their own self-care activities. The Centre's book: Releasing the Power to Heal would be an excellent starting point for this.

The Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Healing:

Mind, body and spirit work together within each person's environment to achieve the synergetic (working together) effect of healing. This means we have to attend to each of the 4 areas: Mind, Body Spirit and the Environment in order to achieve an optimal effect in healing. A recent course run at the Centre drew on the works of Mavis Cunningham (Releasing the Power to Heal) and Easton Hamilton (Synergy: A Cure for All Ills). Mavis's book will soon be available to purchase on this site. Easton's book is available from his website: The course members also contributed a lot to the content of the course and they are summarised these in the 4 area identified above i.e. Mind, Body, Spirit and Environment.

The Mind:

Ways of promoting health and wellbeing using the mind as identified by the 2 authors and the course participants were:

  • Positive thinking: Choosing to think positively
  • Dealing with Negative Emotions: Seeking help to deal with negative emotions through Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique or other therapies
  • Forgiveness: Holding on to anger and other negative emotions can hinder healing
  • Affirmations: Making positive affirmations to self  e.g. I am strong, My immune system is amazing, I will heal
  • Gratitude statements: Making frequent gratitude statements e.g. Thank you for today, Thank you for my home, Thank you for the therapies I receive
  • Self-love: feeling and expressing love for yourself
  • Relaxation: using relaxation CDs or attending Relaxation and Meditation sessions at the Centre
  • Mindfulness: Concentrating on the Present Moment, Being in the Now
  • Meditation, Still Time, Personal Prayer

The Body

Ways of promoting health and wellbeing by attending to the body's needs, as identified by the 2 authors and the course participants were:

  • Adequate oxygen intake: Good Breathing Techniques, Fresh Air, Singing – the Centre has its own choir
  • Appropriate Exercise: Yoga, Tai Chi and Walking Group offered at Centre
  • Appropriate Sleep and Rest: Deep Restorative Sleep and resting periods during day
  • Adequate Hydration: Adequate Filtered Water (2 litres daily unless medically contra-indicated) as well as other drinks
  • Good Nutrition: A Diverse and Balanced Diet, containing essential vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids as well as healthy protein, carbohydrate and fats/oils
  • Pampering

The Spirit

Spirit means many different things to different people, but the 2 authors and the group's discussion points may be helpful in determining your own concept of spirit. The concepts of spirit offered and discussed by the group were:

  • An essential part of the self
  • An inner feeling of spiritual force
  • The Life Force or Ying or Prana or Spark or Mojo
  • A higher body
  • A feeling of belonging to a great power
  • Universal energy – we are all part of the universe and connected to each other and the universal energy
  • Witnessed during Relaxation/Meditation
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Sense of one's own value/worth
  • The need to belong and be loved
  • The need for a purpose
  • The need for meaningful, uplifting relationships
  • Altruism, Benevolence. Integrity and Congruence

The Environment

Using the resources of previous discussions and the 2 authors works the group discussed a number of environmental elements which need to be considered when working with the mind, body and spirit:

  • People/ Healthy Relationships
  • Air/ Managing Pollution
  • Toxic Chemicals in home and environment and in products we use on our bodies
  • News: dealing with the negative effects of the media
  • Home: creating a place of love and comfort and sanctuary
  • Work/Vocation: following one's own aspirations and achieving satisfaction
  • Finance: achieving an income that can support basic needs and therapy needs

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